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Conference Leads
Instantly copy all sponsors & attendees from a conference website
Competitor Leads
Pull customer testimonials from your competitor’s website
Google Maps Leads
Find contact info for all doctors’ offices in New York from Google Maps
Social MediA Leads
Copy stats from social media posts for a specific brand, influencer, or hashtag
Job Site Leads
Scrape data from job sites like Indeed and AngelList
LinkedIN Leads
Find LinkedIn profiles that match your exact customer demographics
Works Everywhere

Tired of learning new tools for every project? Task Genie uses AI to work across all websites.

Simple to Use

Describe you task as if you were explaining it to a colleague. Write in plain, natural text

Filter Anything

Task Genie can help you filter long lists (e.g. news articles, job posts) based on your exact criteria

Copy any Data

Just write the fields you want to extract and Task Genie will go find them on the page